How to Host a Diaper Raffle Baby Shower

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Are you a parent to be?

If yes, then that means you have tons of things to take care of. You will need to plan for all the hospital visits. You need to make adjustments to your budget as well. A new entry in your family means new expenses, including clothes, diapers, etc.

These days diapers have become a necessity. With hiking prices, diapers are also getting expensive. You will need to spare a piece of fortune to stock up on the diapers.

But worry no more!

We have brought a very cool idea for you. You can hold a diaper raffle.

What is a diaper raffle?

A baby shower diaper raffle is a kind of raffle in which the ticket price for participating in the raffle is a pack of diapers. 

Well, at first, it might sound a bit weird. But trust me when I say that this is the new trend in town. 

A diaper raffle is not only beneficial for the parents to be but for the guests as well. How?

Naturally, it keeps the guests engaged. 

It also provides the guests with something to look forward to.

Games and activities like diaper raffle games keep everyone hooked. 

Guests will have something for themselves if they win the raffle. So, this means that even though the event is dedicated to you, but the guests are not left out. Cool, right?

How to plan a diaper raffle?

  • Firstly, plan on what quantity of diapers you want as the raffle ticket.
  • It can be anything. You can ask the guests to bring a pack of diapers. But amidst all the celebrations, don’t get all too excited that you end up burdening the guest’s way too much. Keep the ticket price (as in the number of diapers) reasonable so that the guests will bring the diapers happily.
Source: ETSY
  • Once you have decided on the quantity, start working on the baby shower invitations with a diaper raffle. 
  • Design attractive invitation cards. That’s the very first step. 
  • You can customize the cards as per your budget and requirements. You can also make the card funny by adding some personal references. 
  • There are many templates available on the internet. 
  • You can also make handmade invitation cards to add personal touches of love and affection.
  • Then decide on the raffle prize.
  • The chance to win is the thing that will keep the guests motivated until the end. 
  • Again, the Prizes vary as per your budget. Whatever your budget is, keep the raffle prize thoughtful and sensible.
  • It is certainly not necessary to have expensive and branded raffle prizes. 
  • Customize the prizes as per your guest list. For example, the prizes may vary as per the age or the gender of the guests.
  • When the guests arrive, you can exchange the diapers for diaper raffle cards to ensure participation.

Diaper raffle prize ideas:

A gift basket/ bath themed basket

Who doesn’t like a gift basket?

Gift baskets are lighter on your pocket. You can choose items of your choice and bundle them together in a basket. A basket like this will not only look cool but will also attract the guests.

Source: CraftBerryBush

Gift cards

People love gift cards.

You can get gift cards in bulk on a discount and then give them away on the shower. In this way, you can gift cards to many people at a low price.

You can even gift a spa or salon discount voucher. Women love sponsored visits to spas and salons.

Assorted cookies/ treats

You would be surprised to know the number of people who would love to get something edible as a gift.

Bake some assorted cookies, pack them up in a cute basket, and you’re good to go. Homebaked eatables are a great option if you’re low on budget.

You can make your gift basket by following this video. Great, right?

 Or if you’re still short on ideas, you can watch this video to get some inspiration.

So, what are you waiting for? Arrange a diaper raffle. It is a win-win for the parents and guests both. The guests will get a gift, and the parents will get a stack of diapers.  

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