Baby Proofing – How to Baby Proof Your Home Room by Room

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Imagine a scenario; you are napping with your baby. You wake up and find an empty spot at the place where your baby was supposed to be. You start looking for your kid everywhere. You get panicked. You find your kid playing with the electrical socket in the TV lounge. Scary, isn’t it? Such a situation can be a parent’s worst nightmare. What if your baby got an electric shock?

The question that arises is what one can do to avoid the happening of such events?

The answer is baby proofing

What is baby proofing?

You might be wondering what baby proofing is? Baby proofing is when you make your home and the items in it safe for the use of a baby. The whole house should be baby-proofed. Including everything from the baby’s furniture to the household items.

Why is baby proofing necessary?

The thing is that adult design the house for the use of adults. When a baby enters the picture, the scenario changes completely. The things that are actually safe for adults might not be safe for the baby. The parents have to make sure that their house is safe for their baby. That’s when baby proofing comes in. Baby proofing creates the environment of the home safe for the baby. You make everything as harmless as possible for the baby.

Can you leave your baby unsupervised in your room or your home? If no, then that means you need to get a baby proofing house. Until and unless you feel that you can leave your baby unsupervised in your home, you need to get your baby proofed.

Why is there a need for room to room baby proofing?

Ask yourself a question, will your baby remain confined to the nursery or your bedroom all the time? Obviously, No! You cant confine crawling babies to one area of the house. It would be best if you made sure that the whole house is baby-proofed so that you can be tension free.

You or your partner can’t always keep your baby in front of you. You might be busy watching Tv, and the baby might sneak into one of the other rooms. How will you stop the baby? You can’t expect the baby to remain in the same place all day long.

To counter this situation, get your whole house baby proofed. Many people only get one of their rooms or nursery baby-proofed. Getting baby proofing in only a specific area of the house will create trouble for you in the long run. It is not sustainable to baby proof a room alone. So, wouldn’t it be better to act smart in the first place and get baby proofing in the whole house? 

Which things need baby proofing?

1. Crib

The crib or baby cot is the thing that the baby would spend the most time in. First, you need to make sure that it is well secured. The nails in the crib should be well placed. The height of the crib must not be too high as there might be a risk of the baby falling out. It must not be too low as the baby may get out. The crib should be of durable material.

2. Everything related to electricity

These days nothing works without electricity. You need to consider the fact that electrical appliances and electrical sockets will surround your baby. Try to keep the outlets hidden or out of reach of the baby. Close the outlets that you don’t use.

Keep the electrical appliances in the baby-proofing cabinets or out of plain sight. Turn off devices and switches after using. Pay particular care to clothing iron.

3. Doors and windows

Babies are curious by nature. They like to explore places. Now how can one explain to a baby that you should not go outside? The only logical answer to this is that you can’t. You can only take the necessary measures to make sure that your baby will not sneak outside. For that, you need to secure your doors and windows with good quality locks. The door and windows handle & knobs must also be out of the reach of the baby.

4. Kitchen and kitchen appliances

A baby and kitchen make up a recipe for disaster. A kitchen has everything that must be kept away from a baby. It has sharp objects like knives, flammable objects like the stove. There are heavy appliances in the kitchen. A baby must be kept away from the kitchen and hazards that the kitchen may pose. This can only be done by baby proofing the kitchen. Use baby proofing cabinets so that the harmful stuff like knives are kept out of the baby’s reach. The stove must be high enough so that the baby can’t reach it. Always turn off the oven after use. 

5. Fireplace

A warm house with the help of a live fireplace sounds excellent, but a baby is much attracted to the bright fire. You may only divert your attention from the baby for a second. And the baby might go near the fireplace, or the worst-case scenario gets a burn. Will you want that? You should get the baby proof fireplace so that you can enjoy a warm house along with assured safety of your baby.

6. Stairways

Stairways can be very dangerous for babies. Get a small door with a lock on the start and end of the stairs so that the baby will stay clear of the stairs. 

7. Toilets

Most of the people ignore toilets and do not baby proof it. That’s where they go wrong. Babies, especially the crawling ones, tend to sneak into restrooms all the time. Keep all the taps and showers closed tightly. Keep the toilet lids down all the time. Keep shampoos, conditioners, and bathroom cleaners in a cabinet. It will be better if the cabinet is in a high region of the bathroom, out of the reach of the baby. 

What measures can you take while baby proofing? 

This is your babyproof checklist! 

1. Get smoke detectors and alarms installed. Carbon monoxide detectors can help you to detect gas leakages at the early stages.

2. Use durable and secure furniture.

3. If the baby is younger than six months, then get a baby monitor.

4. Close the toilet lids at all times. Keep the doors of the toilet locked. 

5. Keep floor cleaners and such chemicals in a separate baby cabinet lock

6. Keep all the medicines and first aid items on the top shelves as babies tend to put everything in their mouths. 

7. Keep a fire extinguisher in your house in case of any fire emergency. Take the necessary training to handle emergencies. 

8. Keep an eye on the baby toys as well. Make sure that the toys are baby-friendly and do not pose any choking hazard. 

9. Your cars also need baby proofing. Install a baby seat and babyproof lock in your vehicle.

10. Always check the water temperature before bathing the baby. Make sure that all the water outlets are tightly closed. 

11. Use baby door locks for doors.

12. Finally, buy baby proofing kits, they are available over the counter in the market. They will make your life a lot easier. 

Finally !!!

You consider your home to be your safe haven. But what if that safe heaven poses a threat to the safety of your baby? Will you be able to live with yourself if, God forbid, something happens to your baby? How can you choose to ignore the threats that your house may pose to your baby? Look around you; you will find that your home is pretty safe, but what about the baby? Are the electrical sockets, stairway, fireplace, and kitchen appliances safe for your baby? You need to think about the damage the seeming to be harmless things can cause to your baby. It’s better to take precautions in the first place rather than regretting later on. So, don’t wait anymore, get baby proofing done in your home.

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