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Parenting is not an easy Job. But like every tasking job, you need the right tools to make it easier. One of those tools is baby bathtubs.

Babies are unpredictable 90% percent of the time. They can mess things up at a moment’s notice, creating more difficulty for you.

A bathtub is very important because it helps you to keep your baby in place while you bath her. When your baby is wet and difficult to hold due to the soap and water, a baby bathtub would come in handy.

Many parents have found alternatives to bathtubs by using the kitchen sink with the inclusion of a seat pad to create a comfortable base for the baby.

Some other parents choose to shower with their babies. This passes as a great bonding moment for your little one as you hold her in your arms. Baby bathtubs are commonly used when the baby is 6 months old or below. This is because, at this age, they aren’t able to stand on their own. Although, some parents use the bathtubs till the baby is 2-year-old

This article focuses on some of the best baby bathtubs. Before buying a baby bathtub, it is important to consider some of these factors to ensure that you make the right purchase.


With many companies coming up with different designs and features that may or may not be useful to you. I have created some features that would help in simplifying your search for the right bathtub.

  1. Material. You should select a non-toxic bathtub. You do not want your baby to have skin irritations because of the bathtubs you selected.
  2. Comfort. The comfort of a bathtub can be important for both the mother and baby. Some baby bathtubs come with a padded backrest that give your baby comfort as she bathes. When your baby is comfortable and rested, you would find out that bathing would be easier.
  3. Safety. With all the sliminess, you wouldn’t want your baby to slip and have an unwanted accident, would you? Some baby bathtubs come with an anti-slip feature that reduces friction in the tub.
  4. Temperature Indicators. The bathtubs that come with temperature indicators are usually the high-end ones. They tell you when the water is too hot or cold for the baby.
  5. Storage Space. Baby items take ridiculous amounts of space in our homes. Try to something that can be hooked on thewall when not in use.
  6. Sink Compatibility.  Using baby bathtubs that you can attach to your sink would free you from having backaches from bending too much. You get an up-close view of the baby for better care.
  7. Easy to Dry and Drain. The plastic bathtubs are plastic. They are coupled with mildew resistant fabric seats. When both of them are combined, you will have easily dryable bathtubs.
  8. Round Edges.  These contribute to the child’s safety while the bathtub is in use.  


Now that we have gotten passed the features to consider, here are 3 types of bathtubs you can buy for your baby. You have to keep in mind that the right kind of baby bathtub depends on your baby’s age, storage space, and when you intend on bathing the baby.

  1. Basin Tubs. These bathtubs offer more space; Your little one can use this within her first two years because of its size. They are full miniature tubs that can be used in your kitchen sink or perform on its own as a bathtub
  2. Convertible Tubs. These are called convertible because of how long they can last. It its original form, it can be used as a tub for babies to a conventional tub as the baby gets older.
  3. Sink Insert Baby Bath Seat. How you use this is by simply placing it on a kitchen sink or whatever available sink. It is pretty easy to use. They are commonly used by toddlers 6 months old or below.

After reviewing some of the bathtubs in and out of the internet. Here are some of the best bathtubs for your newborns.


  1. Skip Hop Moby Three-Stage Baby and Toddler Bath Tub.

 If you are in search of something that would last you for years, then this is the product for you. The Skip Hop Moby grows with the baby into 3 stages. At this stage, it can take newborns that weigh up to 15lbs and are 3 months or less. For the second stage, it accommodates babies who are 3 to 6 months old weighing up to 20lbs. The final stage can accommodate them when they are at 6 months+ and weigh about 25lbs.


It comes with drains and hooks so you can store and dry it on a shower or towel bar after use. This product comes with a non-slip texture that prevents your baby from slipping from her upright position and getting drowned.

This product supports upright sitting, rather than having your newborn lay on her back. With the help of a smart sling, your baby can sit upright while you bathe her. The sling can be removed when the baby gets older and can sit upright without a sling.


  • Supports Long-term Use
  • Smart Sling to keep your baby upright
  • Non-slip texture
  • Presence of the hooks make it easy to Store
  • Decent Price


  • The sling grows mildew after long usage

Check out the Skip Hop Moby here

  • Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub.

The Munchkin sit and soak baby bathtub was designed with your newborn’s comfort in mind. It features a backrest that keeps your newborn sitting upright as you bathe her. This tub was specially made for babies who are 0-12 months old.


It is a reliable product that has a non-slip feature that keeps your baby safe from slipping and getting injured.

For comfort, it comes with a padded backrest and a pull tub drain which makes cleaning easy. It has a handle on the backrest which can be used as a hook for storage when the tub is not in use.

It has drains that prevent water from getting stored in the bowl which may ease up cleaning for mummies and caregivers.


  • Non-slip feature
  • Padded backrest which makes it easy to sit upright
  • Good water level
  • Easy to clean thanks to the drainage
  • The handle can be used as a hook for storage
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Sturdy Design
  • It is Kitchen sink compatible


  • It is not comfortable for smaller sized babies

Check out the Munchkin sit and soak here

  • Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub.

The 4-in-1 feature gives you durability. This product tends to grow with your newborn as she matures. As your newborn develops, her needs change and keeping up with those needs requires you buying new products.

This all in one product from Fisher gives you the liberty of using this single product as your baby grows older.

One of the users of this product once said “I stand with this product 100%”


It has 4 convertible bath centers. The soft mesh sling for newborns; The baby stopper which protects the baby from slips and falls; The sit-me-up support for times when your baby acts restless and cannot sit at a spot; When the sit-me-up support is removed, your grown toddler would have more bathing room. All these features combined prove that this product was built for long-term usage.

The drains prove that it is easy to clean or dry and the hooks show how this product wouldn’t take much space.

This product is one of the most popular products out there. Due to its versatility. It has a sling and anti-slip feature that keeps your baby from falling. As an added accessory, the fisher comes with toys to keep your little angel busy. There is a squeeze bottle that is ideal for water play and rinsing.


  • It was made for long-term use
  • Sturdy design
  • Inclusion of fun accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with drain holes and hooks
  • Round edges
  • Foam lining keeps the baby from slipping


  • The sling for newborn babies is not adjustable
  • To access draining plugs, you have to remove the seat.
  • Hard to clean

Check out the fisher 4-in-1 here

  • Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Froggie Collection Bath Tub.

This is a top-rated inflatable bathtub because of how reliable it is. Inflatable baby bathtubs are useful when you need to go on a family vacation. You won’t want your baby’s bare skin to touch any unsanitary bathtub or kitchen sink. Many mothers have created an alternative by opting for the inflatable bathtubs. This product from Mommy’s helpers is the most sought after.

Some Mums use the inflatable bathtub option if their babies don’t fit into the other variants of bathtubs.


It provides a padded and safe environment for your baby to bathe in. This product is comfortable with its soft cushions. No worries about injuries and slips because of the saddle horns that keep the baby in place.

There is a drain plug at the bottom which empties water from the tub and makes cleaning easy.

The material is top quality which extends the length of use.


  • Great for Travelling
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Comfortable
  • Can be used for long
  • Drain Plug to make cleaning easy
  • Great design for babies
  • A cheaper alternative to the conventional bathtubs


  • Inflating and Deflating this item may be time-consuming

Check out the Mommy’s Helper Inflatable bathtub here

 This product was designed to grow with your newborn until she weighs about 25 pounds.

It has a machine washable sling that provides your baby with safety and comfort as she grows. The First Five Year Sure Comfort Bathtub is lightweight and doesn’t seem to take up much space.


This product comes with a comfortable sling that is useful as your little one gets bigger. This sling is machine washable. The tub has non-slip pads and is mildew resistant thanks to the drain plugs.

Your baby is covered from the point of her birth until she becomes a toddler. An infant hammock helps to keep the baby in place as you bathe her.

It comes with built-in washbasin toys that keep your baby entertained as she is being bathed.

Your baby would surely get familiar with this product because it caters to your little ones as they age. When your baby is newly born, the mesh hammock holds her securely; At the infant stage, the slings are taken off and now your baby can recline and get a more comfortable position. While the bumps ensure she doesn’t slide into the soapy water; To the toddler age around 12months plus, the baby can now sit upright with more room.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Grows with your child
  • Mildew Resistant and Non-slip pads
  • Drain Plugs
  • Has a spot to keep soaps


  • Draining the tubs may be difficult

Check out the First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub Here

  • Angelcare Baby Bath Support.

This product from Angelcare makes everything convenient. One user of this product said “It makes bath time so much easier” Everyone that has used this product had something positive to say about it.

Due to its portable size, you can fit this baby tub anywhere from your kitchen to the tub in the bathroom.

This durable and beautifully designed baby bathtub is sure to make your daily showers with your baby, more interesting.


The manufacturers of this product considered many things while making this product. The soft-touch material feels very gentle and comfortable on your baby’s skin.

Your baby’s safety is of high priority. With the inclusion of a drain, there won’t be mildew hanging around due to soapy water sticking around.

There’s a hook that ensures that the bathtub doesn’t eat up space around the house. An added soft bottom lip which makes it easier to use daily.  By simply fitting it on a bathtub.


  • Great Design
  • Lightweight
  • Includes Drains which prevent mildew from forming
  • Dries quickly due to the vents
  • Durable


  • Vents allow too much air which may change the water temperature
  • Doesn’t accommodate higher weighing children

Check out the Angelcare Product here

  • PRIMO EuroBath.

This product can be used when your bay is 0-24months. From 0-6months, the newborn can bath in a reclining position. The moment she can sit upright, from 6 months, you can then switch positions.

The Primo Eurobath is the largest baby bathtub available. One of the users was asked about this product and she said: “It is probably my favorite baby product ever!”


It is no surprise that your baby can use this product until she turns 2. Being the largest baby bathtub available is no small feat. Even with its size, it still has bumps that protect babies from slipping into soapy water.

The shape of the Primo Eurobath is very comfortable and supports forearms and legs. This would make the Job of the Mum or whoever bathing the baby easier.

There are compartments for soap, sponges, shampoo and bath toys. The efficiency of this product is off the charts.

You can easily hang this product on the wall to save some space. Thanks to its design.


  • Has multiple compartments
  • Sturdy design
  • Can be used till the baby is 2 years
  • Includes drain plugs
  • It has bumps which keep the baby from slipping
  • Two positions to accommodate children as they grow


  • No drain at the soap compartment
  • You have to buy a stand. If not, you will have to bend to bathe your baby.

Get the Primo Eurobath here

  • Summer Comfort Height Bath Tub.

This is another famous bathtub. No more do you have to bend near a bathtub to bathe your newborn. The summer comfort height is one of the few baby bathtubs that can be raised to your desired level. Afterward, you can convert the platform to a step stool or stand-alone kneeler for your toddler.

Here’s what a user of this product said: “This is what all moms need”. This bathtub would create absolute comfort for the parent and child.


This product is very good for toddlers because it supports them as they age. Up until they get to 2 years.

The platform is great for parents as it helps them to bring their babies to their level. Without having to bend.

The newborn support provides the baby with comfort. Even when used in a kitchen sink or bathtub. The summer comfort Height Bathtub has a drain that makes cleaning easy.


  • Long-term use
  • It’s comfortable for the parent and child
  • Roomy
  • Has support sling for newborns
  • It has your safety in mind with the inclusion of locking tabs


  • Takes too much space in the home

Check out the Summer Comfort Height Bathtub here


All these products listed here are great. Your choice solely depends on your budget. We have listed out all the general pain points and positive remarks people had about the product. We shortlisted from 20 products to bring you the best 8 baby bathtubs.

We hope you find what you are looking for.

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