20 Ideas for a Surprise Pregnancy Announcement to Your Husband

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As soon as a woman finds out that she’s pregnant, the first thing she wants to do is tell her partner. But sometimes a little holding back is fun.

Your husband has every right to know that he will be promoted to the position of daddy soon. Well, I am not depriving him of this right. All I want is you to make sure that news revelation is as dreamy and special as possible.

For that, you obviously need some creative ideas and a little planning. But you don’t have to worry about that too. I have sorted 20 best ideas for a surprise pregnancy announcement to your husband.

1.    Pregnancy Test:

Surprise your husband with a positive pregnancy strip. Choose a baby item, place the pregnancy test on top and gift it to your husband. A baby vest or baby shoes will do great. You can add a beautiful quote or message to make your hubby feel special.

2. Dogo’s Mama is Pregnant:

If you have a pet, it will be great to send a message through them.

I found this idea to be extremely cute. You can attach ‘mama’s pregnant’ or ‘hello daddy-to-be’ on your dog’s collar. Your dog will greet your husband when he comes home. And Mr. hubby will soon figure out and go crazy with happiness.

3.    Bun in the Oven:

This is another cute idea I found on the internet. A wife surprised her husband by keeping a bun in the oven. Obviously, the husband was shocked when he took out bun from the oven. He inquired the wife about the bun. She replied ‘honey there’s a bun in our oven until [due date]’. Next, the husband couldn’t control his joy.

4.    Do it through scrabble:

Get your husband to play scrabble with you. Then during the game, spell your pregnancy. You can either write ‘pregnant’ or ‘baby arriving.’ 

This is a fun and creative idea.

5.    Spoon feed the pregnancy announcement:

Spoons or utensils like these are a cool way to reveal your pregnancy. Not only this, but they are also the best keepsakes.

6.    Bomb the news in a photo shoot:

This couple was posing for a Christmas shoot. Well, that is what the husband the though but the wife had different plans. She held the placard of her pregnancy reveal. The husband was surprised when both turned around to show each their placards.

7.    Make cupcakes:

Does this picture make you go ‘Aww’? Because I found it sweet. 

Well, you can even bake a cake or cupcakes like these. While you fulfil your sweet cravings, your husband will have the best news of his life.

8.    Buy a Dad Mug:

Order a dad mug for your husband and wait for a special occasion. Surprise him with this mug on the occasion day when you two exchange gifts.

9.    Daddy T-shirt:

Customize a t-shirt like this for your husband. Place this t-shirt in his wardrobe with other clothes. Make sure this one is on top so it’s the first thing your husband notice. Now wait until he comes and hug you.

10.    Video Game Announcement:

If your husband loves to play video games, this is the best idea to reveal your pregnancy to him. You can customize a baby vest written ‘player 3 has entered the game’. Place a remote controller and wait for him to see.

11.  Daddy Greeting card:

If the father’s day is around, then make use of it. All you have to do is design a cool greeting card for your husband. Send to him either at his workplace or place in his drawers. 

12. Pregnancy Reveal Poem:

You can find a suitable poem related to pregnancy or even write one of your own. Next, you get the poem framed. Look for a chance to hang the poem in your room when your husband is not there. Your husband will be surprised when he finds it.

13. Big Sister Announcement:

Announce it to your husband through your elder child. Think of a unique way which will get your husband’s attention soon.

14. Turn on the Blame Game:

Isn’t it a hilarious way to reveal your pregnancy. Your husband would crack up with laughter and happiness when you will send him this message.

15. Eating for Two:

Order a Customized bowl or plate with ‘eating for two’ written on it. During any mealtime, you serve yourself in this bowl. At some point in the meal, your husband will notice your new bowl, if not instantly. If not, finish your food and make him look at it.

15.  Pregnancy Equation:

Pregnancy equation is a sweet and creative gesture. You can think of multiple ways on when and where to write this simple equation. Also, the equation doesn’t take hours to solve. Your husband will get there soon.

16. Pizza Reveal:

To make this idea successful, all you have to is order a pizza. Arrange the pepperonis to spell ‘daddy’. Surprise your husband when you two sit down to eat the pizza.

17.  Dad Keychain:

Another cool way to reveal your pregnancy to your husband is to get him a Dad Keychain. Replace his old keychain with this one in his absence. Next morning, when he would fetch his keys, he would notice the new keychain and the news too.

18.Man Cave Eviction:

This idea is another fun way to reveal your pregnancy to your husband. It is hilarious how this wife has warned her husband to clear his Man Cave and make room for the nursery.

19. Order Diapers via Husband’s name:

A little curiosity is always fun. All you have to do is plan delivery of diaper pack or diaper basket. Make sure you address it to your husband, so he receives it. He will be shocked to see it and ask you what’s going on. Then, you can burst the news.

It was really fun to search and list these ideas for you. I hope you liked reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. All these ideas are simple but lowkey cute and appealing. I hope you enjoy more while using them on your husband to give him the news of his life.

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