15+ coolest non-toy gifts ideas for kids of every age

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We all pretty much know how much our kids love toys. Toys are their primary and utmost accessory onto which their lives move around.

But it is of immense value to engage our child in other creative and learning activities as well.

After a lot of thinking and researching, we have brought you some coolest non-toy gifts ideas. They are suitable for kids of almost every age group.

The ideas that help your child busy and productive at the same time. And even you can also take part with them and make good memories out of it.

Here we go!

Painting accessories

Photo of a children's picture on a theme - My happy family, painted with colored pencils. Psychological testing of the child using the picture.                 source: shutter stock

Kids love colours and can prove to be an amazing artist if given the right accessories. You can have fantastic paint kits from etsyery for your children. It is one of the best-proven ideas of non-toy gifts for children of almost every age group.


Father and son are reading a book and smiling while spending time together at home                  source: Shutterstock

Nearly every child loves to listen to bedtime stories from their parents. And it is one of the most powerful ways of creating good bonding with your children. You can gift them inspiring storybooks with attractive pictures and colours. You can have an example one mention in Etsy.

Swimming pools

Female baby-sitter with little girls at pool Free Photo

Source: freepik

Intex swimming pools are one of the most fabulous ideas to let kids have fun even in homes. Your kids will love you for this gift. From Amazon, you can find the best Intex swimming pools. They are available in different shapes and sizes for almost every age group.

Instant cameras

Close-up of a girl capturing the photo with instant camera against blue backdrop Free Photo

Source: freepik

Gadgets are quite appealing for the kids of today’s era. You can gift them an instant camera to capture their lively life. And maintain a record with instant developing snaps. You can find fantastic instant cameras from amazon to gift your child.

Photo albums

Little girl looking her family photo in album Premium Photo

Source: freepik premium

Photo albums are a fascinating way to indulge your children in saving memories. It is a great way to interact with your child by memorizing happy moments. You can even make picture collages out of it to interest your child more.

activity tables

Little children playing with colorful tableware isolated

Source: adobe stock

It is an excellent way of engaging your child in different creative activities. By having an activity table, they will also learn to stick to a specific place in the house for their innovative work rather than cluttering around. It’s the right choice in your favour as well. Find some amazing activity tables from Amazon for your kid according to the age.

Animated movies

Grandmother and granddaughter are watching movie on laptop. Premium Photo

Source: freepik premium

There are several animated movies with great characters and stories. The films like Finding Nemo, frozen, toy story, Moana are outstanding in keeping your child entertained with some good life stories. You can take your child to cinemas for such movies. You can even create a fun home movie night for your kids.

Wrist Watch

Technology for children: a girl wearing pink glasses uses a smartwatch.

Source: adobe stock

Kids love wrist watch customized with their favourite colour or cartoon character. It will be a gift which they can enjoy with a full heart for sure. For incredible wrist watches for children, click here.


School set with backpack, shoes and supplies on light wooden background

Source: Shutterstock

Kids love to have things of their own. Providing them with a backpack of essentials of school, picnic or playground or for any other travelling purpose will cheer them up.

 Get from here


Charming little girl with umbrella has fun standing in gumboots in the pool after rain Free Photo

Source: freepik

Showcasing fancy items to friends is one of our children’s favourite thing to do. An attractive umbrella can be an excellent option to gift in monsoon seasons to make your kid feel happy.

Beautiful umbrellas.

Gardening toolkit

Gardening concept with mother and daughter Free Photo

Source: freepik

It can prove to be a brilliant idea to involve your kids in the gardening hobby. It is a creative, productive and well-disciplined idea for kids in growing age. Find some great gardening tools by clicking it.

Sleeping bags

A small blond boy wrapped in a sleeping bag lies on the pier using a tablet

Source: Shutterstock

 You can gift your child colourful sleeping bags to have spent a fantastic night while staying at grandmas or any school camping sessions.


Asian little girl having fun playing with coin Premium Photo

Source: freepik premium

It is good to train your child on money-saving. And piggy bank as a gift is a great start for it. Children seem to enjoy this training a lot.


3 years child  with kitten Free Photo

Source: freepik

A child loves to have another living creature as a company to play. Pets are a great option to gift your child whatever they admire most. It will teach your child a feeling of animal care and selfless love.

Baking tools

Pretty girl in checkered apron cooking pizza Premium Photo

Source: freepik premium

Children above five years of age love baking with their moms. The thrill is the same for both the genders. Baking tools as a gift will excite them for activities out of the box. It can also be a source to develop good connections with your child.

Customized room accessories

Stylish scandinavian interior of kid room with mock up poster frame, design furnitures, natural toys, hanging colorful flags, plush animal, child accessories and teddy bears. Modern home decor.

Source: adobe stock

Children love to have their room customized with their favourite cartoon character or any other things they get inspired with. Gifting them room accessories according to their taste will set them up in motion.

Creative classes

Ordinary children studying contemp dance

Source: adobe stock

Enrol your child in creative classes like music, singing, dancing, swimming, sports. It will encourage them to try new things in life by discovering themselves a lot.

Stationery items

School backpack and supplies with chalkboard. back to school concept. Premium Photo

Source: freepik premium

Colourful and smart stationery items attract children towards studies. It is excellent for children’s attraction towards studies. You can have an idea of fantastic stationery items by clicking here.

Favourite meal

Parents and children eating pizza in living-room Premium Photo

Source: freepik premium

You can sweet treat your child by ordering their favourite meal like pizza or fast food. Or you can also order their favourite ice cream from their favourite spot to enjoy little occasions and happiness.

Children need time and attention more than anything, such as toys. Enhancing your kid interaction with yourself and the world helps build a strong character. And you must provide your child with platforms to strengthen its capabilities.

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